About Us

Poorvaa Productions was founded by Pradeep Kumar in August 2014. Our mission is to create a platform on which artists are able to strengthen the connections between all cultures and art forms. Poorvaa aims at exchanging ancient wisdom through music between different cultures.

We ran a successful crowd funding campaign to raise funds for the musical documentary "Arunagiri Perumale." 

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Poorvaa Ensemble

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar Singer

Pradeep Kumar is an intense, sensitive Indian musician who began his training in Carnatic music at the age of five. He started performing at the age of 11. He was exposed to a wide range of musical styles and cultures during his trip to Boston in 2008. This triggered the idea of taking traditional material and presenting it in a way that has all his present musical influences.


Kalyani Nair Playback Singer

Kalyani is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist who began her journey in arranging when she had the opportunity to sing for western classical choirs. She then studied western classical vocal and composition and is currently arranging music for many film productions here India. She has written all the arrangements for the Poorvaa ensemble.

Sean Roldan

Sean Roldan - Composer

Sean has been an integral part of Poorvaa Productions. He is a singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist. He has trained rigorously in south Indian classical music from a very tender age. He was influenced by many different styles of music, especially the 'blues'. Right now he is one of the most sought after indian film music composers.



Susha is a south Indian classical and jazz musician. She is also a visual artist & she explores cross-cultural art, spanning the range of visual and performance art. She is the creative director for poorvaa productions.

A single from Poorvaa's live concert in Boston.